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About "Shihougyu"

紫峰牛イメージ - Pasture -
At our main Shihougyu farm, located at the foot of Mt. Tsukuba in Ibaraki, we raise around 1500 heads of cattle. We operate a group of farms within the prefecture.

- About our brand name -
Mt. Tsukuba, one of Japan’s hundred famous mountains, is also known as Shihou (“Purple Mountain”), due to the way it sometimes appears purple in the sunrise. We call our beef “Shihougyu”, because it is raised in the foothills of the Purple Mountain.

- Our select cattle feed -
We provide our cattle with the safest and most secure feed in a Shihougyu-exclusive blend developed through years of trial and error, made from carefully selected rice straw and fresh water from the foothills of Mt. Ibaraki.

- Raising cattle with care -
We treat our cattle with lots of tender loving care, as though they are our own children. They are raised in clean, spacious stalls, under the constant, watchful eye of veterinary professionals, who keep meticulous records. We have a monument to our deceased cattle, where we offer daily prayers.

The history of "Shihougyu"

Established in present-day Shimotsuma, Ibaraki


Black wagyu brand Shihougyu launched with ten of the prefecture’s foremost farmers


Akenomachi Shihougyu Producers' Association, a certified agricultural union, established


Monument to Deceased Cattle unveiled


Trademark registered


JAS certification granted by ICS Japan


Shihougyu Producers’ Association (agricultural body)
establishes Miyazaki Breeding Farm (Kobayashi, Miyazaki)


Over 100 years in business. Marushou Yokose Corporation.

Name Marushou Yokose Corporation
Capital 100 million yen
Main client ITOHAM FOODS Inc. Nipponham Inc. Sfoods Inc. ...etc
President & CEO Osamu Youkose
Location 950 Kojima Shimotsuma-City,Ibaraki,Japan.
phone number +81 0296443605
FAX number +81 0296432693
E-mail shihoubrand-1@yahoo.co.jp
Annual transaction value About 20 billion yen
The entire employee Thirty
Business content Cattle slaughtered by meat wholesalers and Shimotsuma Regional Meat Association. Dressed cattle carcasses sold to major customers.
Handling Beef (imported, Holstein, hybrid, wagyu)
Pork (imported, domestic) — wholesale and retail
We sell dressed Shihougyu carcasses, and can also provide full sets of organs.
In addition to Shihougyu, our distribution channels for wagyu, hybrids, and Holsteins enable us to stock good quality individual parts at a low cost.

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- Marushou Yokose Corporation -

Postal code : 304-0051
location : 950 Kojima Shimotsuma-City,Ibaraki,Japan.

phone number : +81 0296443605

FAX number : +81 0296432693