Features of Shihougyu

Features of Shihougyu

Our Shihougyu group takes an integrated approach that extends to all of our operations, from raising our black wagyu to their slaughter in specialized lanes at meat cooperatives, their sale and processing as dressed beef carcasses, their sale as boneless carcasses, and their sale online.
Our Shihougyu are raised with love, and we supervise each stage of production until sale with the strictest devotion.


  • 1. We know every breeder and fattener of each and every one of our cattle.
  • 2. Since a common feed is provided during the fattening stage, there is little variation in end product.
  • 3. Our cattle are fattened in nearby Kanto prefectures, allowing for easy oversight of conditions, such as through farm inspections.


All Shihougyu cattle undergo testing for radioactive materials. Ibaraki Prefectural certificates of safety are available.


Free distribution of organic fertilizer as part of our contribution to the local community.


As a group of Shihougyu producers, we operate large-scale farms, with the capacity to ship our products reliably throughout the year.


Mainly A4 to A5 (averaging around 70%)
Fine-grained meat
Moist, fatty quality
Strong “sashi” fatty content, with small fat streaks running from shoulder to loin
Excellent yield due to restricted feeding
Professional-grade, premium-quality meat

Beef flavor analysis

Shihougyu holds a red "sample" circle as a result of analysis.

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